Guess who’s back to work?

I am!

I’ve taken nine wonderful months off since Toby’s birth, but finances dictate that it’s time to get back to my cutting mat. I wasn’t even going to return to papercutting since I no longer have a desk, but I’ve had several bookings and enquiries during my maternity leave, so I’ll keep cutting as long as my clients want me to!

I’m starting with a couple of filled letter commissions for a special customer. I must admit, papercutting isn’t very easy with a baby in tow (I rarely have two hands free, let alone a yoghurt smear-free kitchen table to work at!), so I’m also returning to my old line of work alongside my scalpel stuff. This means I’m currently ghostwriting a novel and working on some academic papers. It feels good to be writing (and cutting!) again… Even if I’m doing it while balancing my laptop on my knees while feeding my baby to sleep!

As a result, I’m only able to offer a very limited number of slots for commissions each month (probably only two), and I’ve decided to phase out all other aspects of my business (prints, accessories, DIY sets, exhibitions, fairs, and the like) because I just don’t have the storage space or the time to dedicate to photography, writing listings, packing orders, event preparation, and so on.

This shift in the way I work means I can dedicate more time and attention to clients by focusing on solely creating bespoke commissions (which is how I started out) and possibly in future offering tailored one-off workshops too. This will give me time to concentrate on my family and also on my writing and publishing work. There may be a few limited edition prints in future, as well as one-off originals to suit all budgets (after all, I want to keep my work accessible to all), but time will tell…

So, if you’re interested in booking a commission for the year ahead, please drop me an email to hello @ (no spaces) to discuss your requirements.

These limited slots will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you have an important occasion coming up or know for sure that you would like something from me this year, please get in touch as soon as you can. I’m taking bookings right up to July 2020 and am also happy to take them for later into the year. I don’t take deposits; I have always worked on trust, so please ensure you’re certain you’d like a piece before you go ahead and book.

From family trees to filled letters, wedding papercuts to anniversary pieces, I can create a bespoke design for you which makes a wonderful gift or heirloom keepsake. I can also provide professional framing and personalised wrapping so that your item is ready to gift and enjoy.

I’m really looking forward to working closely with clients again to create special pieces. Thanks again for your continued support of my small business, and here’s to an awesome 2020!